Angelo Pilli

He began his career in 1972 with a one-man exhibition in Padova, where he had been born.
Since then he has taken part to 280 exhibitions in Italy and abroad, obtaining 120 prizes considering national and international awards.
He has given 46 one-man exhibitions in the main Italian cities: Venice, Milan, Florence, Trieste, Udine, Parma, Rome, Turin, Trento, etc... and abroad: Isselburg-Anholt, New York, Salzburg, Berlin, etc... He takes part to the main artistic reviews: Biennali (two-yearly exhibition) trivenete - Quadriennali (four-yearly exhibition) in Rome - Artefiera in Boulogne - Expo levante in Bari etc.
With the beginning of year 2005 he starts a new path: the ceramic works, making varied dimension sculptures. They are surrealistic subjects, cued from a medieval saga, taking the roots from past and present tie.
Writings by: Paolo Rizzi, Roberto Joss, Letizia Barlozzi, Renzo Margonari, Ugo Perniola, Carlo Zangheri, Margherita Haick, etc.